Kate Robinson may have had a bit of a head start in her chosen sport; her father is former national wrestling champ, Steve Robinson.

But everything that Kate has achieved on the mat, is due purely to her commitment and enthusiasm to wrestling, the oldest form of combat sport.

She started when she was ten and is a five-time national champ. More recently, however, she achieved Gold in her class at the Oceania Champs in Canberra, an achievement she fully intends to defend at next year’s competition in Samoa.

“I am just getting back into training as I am recovering from an injury.

I train with boys and girls at Club Physio in Te Atatu and at the Combatant Centre in Westgate. It is a very physical sport and I do encourage anyone who may be interested to get in there, because if you get good enough you can go a long way,” she says.

“Wrestling is a very technical sport, and there are a few different versions of wrestling as well. I started wrestling because of my dad. He has always been an inspiration; he was my coach when I first started, and now, he’s my Number One supporter.“

During the working day, Kate makes the trek from Auckland’s West Coast to her apprenticeship at The Hairdresser, under the mentorship of Michelle, Mandy, and Kim.