There is extraordinary micro-technology in hearing aids these days!

They can connect to most models of cell phones, they are rechargeable therefore eco-friendly, and now some are waterproof! Modern hearing aids are so small and comfortable to wear and their amplification abilities – a clear tone but natural on the ear – is astonishing. 

 Little wonder, then, that Teresa Burns of Browns Bay (via Connecticut and San Francisco) has found a lifelong career in audiology. Her father is an engineer and her mother a nurse and both these career options appealed to her. The precision of tiny engineering and the compassion of nursing combined when she found audiology and found it a perfect fit. Even now, 25 years after beginning, and with a Master’s and Doctorate degrees under her belt, she still is entranced by the science and technology of hearing aids. Teresa says she loves to see how regaining hearing can change people’s lives - bringing back their confidence, reconnecting with activities and improving their quality of life. 

Teresa came to New Zealand for a year to explore Aotearoa and work. But, as is often the way, love intervened and she married Kiwi firefighter Chris, welcomed their son, Marcus and now owns her own practice, Teresa Burns Hearing, on Apollo Drive. 

Teresa says one of the benefits of being an independent clinic is not having to commit herself to a particular supplier or brand and having the scope to offer a bigger range of services, including micro suction wax removal. Her underlying passion for science keeps her abreast of new technologies, for instance the startling difference in sound quality over the past few years. 

Another benefit of being an owner/operator is being a part of the North Shore community, sponsoring local bowling clubs and events and developing long term relationships with clients and often their families and friends, too. 

When Teresa is not bringing the world to people’s ears, she is very likely to be found down at Mairangi Bay Beach Surf Live Saving Club doing her bit as a lifeguard, her other great passion. 


For more information or to get in touch with Teresa call the office on 09 475 9849 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.