Grace, Annabelle and Jacinda at the cat cafe.

Have you met the new kitties at The Mini Cat Café in Mairangi Bay? There are several tails, double the number of ears and more floofs than ever cuddling up to customers! 

Jane, who is very fond of cats, is always willing to open up her home to help as many adorable four-legged fur babies. Many of the rescues are skittish and shy when they first join the Cat Cafe, but together with her team, they are determined to encourage the cats and guide them into healthier & more confident behaviours. 

A very special little girl is Roxy. Rescued with a heart murmur condition, customers have already nicknamed her their little “Rock Star” due to her enthusiasm. This little sweetheart will get all the attention she wants. As Jane is determined, Roxy shall enjoy every minute of her life with all the other lovely kitties. Tubby Pumpkin - rescued during the lock-down - has recently found her wonderful fur-ever home and is enjoying all the attention and love she can get! 

Meanwhile, the kitties continue to charm customers. They have been the honoured guests at several birthday parties held in the Cat Café, including a 92nd birthday, which was quite a privilege. They have also been very lucky to have the youngest visitor to visit the kitties, who was just a gorgeous, six-day-old baby having their first-day outing! 

Jane is always delighted to meet all the lovely guests, both adults and kids, that are also cat lovers. Many live locally, and many travel from all over Aotearoa to meet these lovely little floofs! She is delighted when they come through her door and even more glad to introduce them to the rest of the Village, pointing them towards our shops and cafés. “Mairangi Bay is such a nice place,” she expresses. “I love sharing it.” 

The Mini Cat Café in Furry Friends Pet Store is where to go if you're missing some little cat cuddles! It's a great way to educate the little ones too on interacting gently with pets and perhaps feeding our cats some treats too! 

For more information and online bookings, please visit our website: 

*Kindly note: Jane can only accept a limited number of rescues as her little fur-ever second home rescue project is only privately funded.