For those wanting to attend a prestigious university such as Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Harvard, MIT, and other Ivy League schools, as well as other top-ranking institutions around the world, attending Rangitoto College can put a student on very much the right track. 

The school, the largest state co-ed secondary school in the country, has risen to sixth place on Crimson Education’s list of top schools in Aotearoa. And as New Zealand has - according to Crimson’s co-founder, Albany local Sharndre Kushor - the highest per-capita admission results to Ivy League/Top US universities than any other country outside of the US, being a ‘Rangi’ student will certainly put those aiming for elite universities on the right track. 

Principal, Patrick Gale, said he was delighted that the fantastic achievements of Rangitoto students and staff has been recognised in the 2023 list. 

“We have worked hard to broaden opportunities for our students and believe the combination of high quality NCEA and International Baccalaureate academic programmes, alongside a huge range of extra-curricular activities prepares our students extremely well for tertiary study. In the past year, students have gone onto outstanding universities in the US, UK, France, Canada, Singapore, Holland, Australia, and New Zealand, with full ride academic and sports scholarships awarded to an increasing number of our students. We look forward to following their global academic journeys.” 

In other Rangitoto College news, the school continues to grow its service opportunities, providing over 22 avenues in which students can give their time for the betterment of themselves and their wider community.  

The College currently logs just under 5000 service hours with students participating in everything from tree planting as part of local park restoration, through to raising over $38,000 for the New Zealand Cancer Society through Relay for Life. Students are motivated to serve their community through the College’s Summit Diploma in the junior school, and through the College’s servant-based leadership philosophy in the senior school.  

As a part of this initiative, the school is beginning to form a symbiotic relationship with Knightsbridge Retirement Village, that sits on its doorstep. Here, the College and residents work together providing music and IT assistance. In return, students receive support in the curricular activities from the residents, particularly in the area of the Technology curriculum. And, of course, students also gain invaluable life skills in their interactions with Knightsbridge members. As the relationship grows, both parties hope to support one another more for the benefit of both communities.