Old-fashioned ginger beer with a mandarin infusion. Yes, you read that right – ginger and mandarin – and it is a perfect example of the offerings on the menu at the Montrose Café, Bistro and Bar at 1 Montrose Terrace. Owner, Bruce Martin, strives for points of difference and if ginger and mandarin isn’t deliciously different, well what is?

Bruce has been plating up for 14 years and is current chairman of the MBBA, which makes him very much part of this vibrant little community.

Whatever your dietary requirements, Bruce can provide, including dishes for those with allergies and gluten intolerance, and good old-fashioned, traditional and reliable Sunday (12-8pm) roast dinners (lamb, pork or beef and even chicken, if you request it in advance) with vegetables and appropriate sauces and gravies. In these cooler months, there are also big bowls of soup - kumara and bacon, pumpkin and coconut being the two current favourites. Everything possible is made on-site.

And that ginger & mandarin? It is just one flavour among a range of new tap brews Bruce has sourced from the Hawkes Bay Brewing Company, which provides handcrafted small batch Pilsner, Lager and dark beer. A standard pour is $5, while a handle costs $9. Try them out at Happy Hour (3.30pm – 6.30pm), Tuesday to Sunday.