The six-day event took place at MERC (Sir Peter Blake Marine Education and Recreation Centre), Long Bay Regional Park, and within the school, with more than 120 students taking part in the ‘epic adventure’.

For the first three days, students engaged in eight different workshops at the school. They were kept busy building, weeding, cooking, navigating, investigating, learning, and documenting.

Day four was a full day at MERC, with students spending time on and in the water, and around the park. The highlight of the day was the rocky shore walk, searching for and identifying all the fascinating creatures exposed by the

Super Moon low tide. Back at Long Bay Regional Park on days five and six, the students took part in more workshops. Activities included weeding and mulching in the park, planting along Vaughan Stream, learning about New Zealand predators and stream water quality with Whitebait Connection, dune restoration planting along the shoreline, and learning about our native plants on the nature trail. The final day started with a walk to Piripiri Point and back, including a detour through the paddocks and a stretch along the shoreline.

The day finished with students using outdoor cookers to make their own lunch, a delicious pot of Kai Si Ming.