Mairangi Bay School Year 5 and 6 students came joint 6th with 250 points in this year’s EPro8 Challenge competition. Just 60 points behind first place tied winners, Browns Bay and Devonport Primary schools, the result was a great achievement.

The EPro8 Challenge is an inter-school science and engineering competition held in early September, attracting more than 25,000 students nationwide, competing first within their schools and then onto inter-school competitions. These STEAM events are designed

to promote science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics through collaborative problem-solving.

This year, Mairangi Bay School had the honour to host 48 teams of four drawn from over 25 school teams across Auckland.

Activities include such challenges as storm-proofing a dog kennel. The task

is to build a kennel that can withstand floods, rain, and hurricane-force winds. It will have a flood level alarm and a drawbridge that will automatically
close when it is flooding outside. This challenge teaches structures, bracing, measurement, leverage and electronics.

Another task was to construct a full-size pinball machine, complete with launching mechanism, paddles, obstacles, and scoring, which teaches mechanisms, experimentation, problem-solving and electronics.

Other challenges involved helicopters, secret agents, robotic dogs, burglar alarms and even perfecting a Royal Wave.

The EPro8 Challenge is organised by
a small team passionate about science and engineering. Having run over 1000 EPro8 Challenge events throughout New Zealand, the EPro8 Challenge continues to grow and improve.

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