The mobile library has been visiting Mairangi Bay for more than 20 years and locals love it, according to Trudi Sawyer, the full-time mobile librarian. “There are many loyal followers here in the village and one thing that distinguishes the mobile library from the others, is that, over the past seven years I have really got to know people and develop relationships.”


The McLean family, who live close to the village, has three generations of mobile library users and it is Barry who does most of the pick-ups and drop offs. “This is a great service; we can pick books from all of the Auckland libraries online and Trudi drops them off to us”.


As well as being able to order books online, the mobile library has a good range of books, DVD’s, CD’s and magazines on-board. So why not pop by, say hi to Trudi, grab a book, find a café and a coffee and enjoy the read!


The Mobile Library visits Mairangi Bay each Thursday from 09:30 to 10:30 and you will find it on the corner of Beach and Hastings Roads.