Life is a bit like a jigsaw. We proudly finish putting in all the pieces and then something changes and it is as if someone has taken it and thrown it up into the air. The pieces scatter all over the place and we find ourselves with the task of fitting them back together again.

However, each time it is finished the picture looks a different. Sometimes it feels as if we have only just managed to get the jigsaw to fit together properly when all the pieces fly up into the air again, only to fall muddled.

Any life event can make you feel like this: moving, maybe a partner leaving, death or illness. Or Covid 19!

Sometimes we step willingly into the changes and at other times it’s as if someone has upended our jigsaw and taken us by surprise. Neither one is easy, and of course there is no box lid to follow when putting things back together. You and I are left with the questions: Where do we start? And what will our finished picture be in this time? Sometimes it is tempting to sweep the pieces into the box and take them down the charity shop!

Sometime the picture we create is a surprising one. It can be made from pieces that we didn’t even realize where there. There may be pieces missing that we have to search for or we might need to do some re arranging of the picture to make them fit. Finishing the picture may take time and patience.

As a Christian I get to choose whether to include God in putting the puzzle together or not. I believe that the picture we make with God, will be better than the one we attempt on our own.

God can transform the ‘us’ that we think we know into the ‘us’ he created us to be.

Whether it is from God or through another faith,or reaching out to friends and family or our doctor– we don’t need to do things on our own. Asking for help putting the pieces back together is always a good place to start.