Katie Putt is one of the Village’s newest inhabitants but she is not new to the Shore. She grew up in Torbay, is a Long Bay College graduate, and is now the new chiropractor at 4/420 Beach Road, just up the hill towards Murrays Bay.

After graduating from Chiropractic College in Auckland, Katie was off to do her OE and spent five years in the UK. Her position as a locum gave her an excellent opportunity to discover Britain as she worked the length and breadth of the country, arriving back in New Zealand just before COVID-19 reared its ugly head.

She spent lockdown back on her Torbay home turf, but now she has set up both home and workspace in Mairangi Bay, accompanied by her partner, Joe, an electrician. Katie loves her new local beach and the village atmosphere. She says Mairangi Bay has an awesome vibe and her goal is now to help all families in the local community focus on health and learn the benefits of chiropractic care.

“Many clients come post-injury or with pain that may be stress-related. Posture has become a bigger problem lately with so many people working from home without the right set-up, and who are often working longer hours with less breaks”.

Getting your spine checked is Katie’s advice, like you do for your general health at the GP or your teeth at the dentist.

Katie is happy to provide a brief telephone consultation, free of charge, to see if she will be able to help further through in person consultation.

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