An update from Community Constable - Penny Rusbatch.

Now that the COVID reassurance teams are no longer required I am back in my community role and busier than ever, and it’s good to be back.

It was an uncertain time, leaving everyone feeling stressed and anxious.

On the 24th March we were all given notice of the countries pending lockdown 4.

All the community constables were told close up your offices until further notice, you will all be working from the Browns Bay Police station, in work bubbles of 7, working 10 hour shifts, 2 earlies 2 latest and 2 night shifts.

Our role was to ensure everyone was staying home, complying with lockdown rules, and ensuring those who were supposed to be isolating were complying

During that time I didn’t meet anyone who went against what we were all trying to achieve. A virus free country. There was no doubt about it, it was scary for all. New Zealanders for most part are a very law abiding country and everyone should be proud of what they did to keep us all safe and look out for each other.

Now I am back in my community, a role I am passionate about. I am now playing catch up. I thought the one positive thing I thought came out lockdown, was a much lower crime rate.

So with that said, have you considered starting or joining a neighbourhood support group?

Why not register your interest with your local coordinator. Phone 0800 463 444.

Or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A connected community is a safe community. I can’t do this alone, it takes everyone in our communities to make this happen. We made NZ COVID free, we can make our beautiful country the safest country. If you see me around in Mairangi Bay come and say Hi, I love to chat.


My office is in the community centre on Sunnynook Road next to the rugby fields.


Kia Kaha.


Penny Rusbatch.

Community Constable