Mairangi Bay Village April 2020

To submit a news item please contact: Community News: Terry Holt • Phone: 021 042 8232 Email: Village News Magazine Editorial & Advertising enquiries: Terry Holt • Phone: 021 042 8232 Email: Paul Hailes • Phone: 021 217 3628 Email: Gary Covich • Design and Production Jane Warwick • Contributing writer Mairangi Bay Business Association Coordinator: Joanne Martin • Phone: 021 614 655 Email: Mairangi Bay Village Website: Hannah Dymond • Email: Mairangi Bay Business Association Chairman: Bruce Martin • Phone: 09 478 9610 Message from the Business Association Greetings from the Chairman and the Committee of the Mairangi Bay Business Association. After what has been an amazing summer it has been great to see some changes bringing some rain and slightly cooler temperatures which will keep our parks, plants and reserves in the Bays green. At the time of writing this column Auckland transport’s contractors are now well under way with the construction of the Mairangi Bay town centre improvements to road safety in our village. This project, which has been planned for some considerable time is to install three new raised pedestrian crossings –two on beach road and one in Hastings Road near the Beach Road Intersection along with some kerbing changes to encourage slower speeds through our village. Along with our local board our committee supports these enhancements to make our village a safer place to move around. Eagle Plumbing Ltd • 0508 438 324 • MAINTENANCE PLUMBING • GAS FITTING • COMMERCIAL PLUMBING • HOT WATER CYLINDERS We are proud of our 98% No Cowboys rating ALL PLUMBING REPAIRS & SERVICING We provide a range of gasfitting services We are local and support the community and local clubs Total Plumbing/Gasfitting Serviced in your area Mention this Ad and receive $10 off your first hour Coming Events Mairangi Bay Tennis Open Day Sunday 19 April, from 1pm Of course, with any roading enhancements there will always be some disruption and we all appreciate your patience while this necessary work is made. Personal safety tip - After some time now of the world being exposed to the COVID-19 it is prudent to remind everyone of being attentive to personal hygiene. Although our retail food offerings here in Mairangi bay are doing their bit to help prevent any issues, may we remind you to ensure that you are washing your hands regularly and before handling food. A member of the committee also suggested phone and computer keyboards/ mouse get a regular wipe to assist with office hygiene. Until the next issue, on behalf of the Business Association committee, Bruce Martin Chairman Cover poppy photo by Victoria Tronina