Mairangi Bay started from humble beginnings, originally known as Little Murray, with Big Murray being the larger settlement. Since 1906 when Mr Pond opened his first shop.

The East Coast Bays Library has an extensive archive of historical information about Mairangi Bay and the local area. A summary of the information they hold and how to access it is given on their website here

In addition, browse the links below to other online historical information about Mairangi Bay:

Historical Review of Albany and East Coast Bays – an interesting document (PDF) published by the Auckland Council that gives a fascinating review of the history of the North Shore. It is part of a longer publication which can be found in two parts: Volume 1 here and Volume 2 here.

North Shore Local History – a search engine for the Auckland Council’s North Shore local history collections which includes oral history, newspapers, images and archives. Some of the documents and images can be viewed online, but many can only be accessed at the library. Useful for finding out what is available.

History of North Shore Street Names – an online guide from the Auckland City Libraries website.

QuickStats about Mairangi Bay – published on the Statistics New Zealand (based on the 2006 census)

Heritage Images – another Libraries search engine – just type in “Mairangi Bay” for example and it will bring up a selection of images.