Restore Hibiscus & Bays (restorehb) now has a pest plant disposal bin outside their tool library at 712 Beach Road, Browns Bay. The bin is for communities to use to dispose of certain parts of some pest plants that pose the greatest threat to our indigenous bush.


Correct disposal of seeds, seed pods, seed heads and roots greatly reduces the risk that the pest plant will spread to other areas after removal. The bin is for the following pest plant parts only and need to be securely tied inside a plastic bag:

  • MOTH PLANT – Seeds, pods, roots


  • WILD GINGER – Seed heads

  • CAPE IVY – Seeds only

  • WOOLLY NIGHTSHADE – Seed heads, flower heads

  • JAPANESE HONEYSUCKLE – Roots, and stems if seeds present

  • CLIMBING ASPARAGUS – Roots, or whole plant if seeds present

  • MADEIRA VINE – Aerial nodules, seeds, seed pods, roots

  • ARUM LILY – Seed heads only

  • BONESEED – Seed heads only

  • BANANA PASSIONFRUIT – Roots and seed pods only

  • AGAPANTHUS – Flowers, seed heads


    For other pest plant species, please get in touch with restore to advise on pest plant disposal options for your site/project. Parts of some pest plants, such as tradescantia, can instead be composted in a black pest plant bag, available from our tool library.

    For more information and guidance on controlling pest plants and predators, visit our website or pop by at our Community Tool Library Open Day!

    Saturday 8 May, 9:00 – 11:00am 712 Beach Road, Browns Bay

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