About 10 months ago the Mairangi Presbyterian Church decided to hold a book fair.

Initially it was planned to hold it as a community event in conjunction with the Mairangi Bay Christmas Carnival, but Covid got in the way of that, says Stewart Milne.

“From then on it was a case of changing dates until finally we did manage to set a firm date being Saturday 14 May.”

Back in mid 2021 the church first invited the community to donate books, which was kick started by the Kaipatiki Rotary passing on a trailer load of about 6,000 books, which were then sorted into categories.

The price was set at $2 per book with exclusive deals for larger numbers. Who said books are going out of fashion?

“We sold about 3,000 with hundreds of people visiting us for the sale.” adds Milne.

The proceeds will be going towards the cost of our community activities including our dementia group, budgeting advice, English Speaking, Girls Brigade and Hindi Mission. The unsold books have been donated to the Kumeu Lions for their book sale coming up.