Village News Magazine

The official magazine of the Mairangi Bay Business Association, the Mairangi Bay Village News is published monthly and delivered to homes and businesses in Mairangi Bay. It contains articles about local people, regular columns and lists forthcoming events in Mairangi Bay. By law, we cannot deliver to those mailboxes marked No Circulars/No Junk Mail so if you are missing out on a copy, pick one up from any of the businesses in Mairangi Bay Village. Alternatively, email the editor at and we’ll mail a copy to you.

Read the April 2020 issue here (pdf)

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Hatched, Matched & Dispatched

If you have had a baby, are getting married or would like to let people know that someone special has died, please contact us and we will print your news at no charge in the Mairangi Bay Village News. Send your information to The Editor, Village News, PO Box 475 Mairangi Bay 0630 or email to