Civil Defence

In all emergencies where life or property is at risk
phone 111 for Police, Fire or Ambulance.

Neighbourhood Response Plan – Mairangi Bay

The Neighbourhood Response Plan uses local resources to sustain the community until outside agencies are able to respond to emergencies. The purpose is to help the community to become self reliant for at least three days without any external assistance in the event of an emergency.

Download your copy of the Mairangi Bay Neighbourhood Response Plan

How you can help

  • Get ready now to protect yourself, your family, business and community. Visit
  • If you have a special skill or resource contact us.
  • If you think you may need assistance in an emergency contact us.
  • Create a contact tree to warn people in your neighbourhood.

Evacuation Centres / Assembly Areas

Mairangi Bay Primary School, Agathis Avenue, Mairangi Bay

Evacuation and Warning

Civil Defence warnings may be received by the following methods:

If a warning is received do this:

  • listen to the radio and follow instructions and advice given
  • if safe, check on your neighbours to advise of warning and assist those that need help
  • activate your contact tree to warn others
  • prepare to activate your household emergency plan
  • if a tsunami warning is received move to high ground or as far inland as possible

If you are required to evacuate do this:

  • listen to the radio and follow instructions and advice given
  • take your getaway kit and essential items with you, consider pets
  • assist those people that need help
  • follow instructions provided by your Emergency Response Group, Emergency Services and Civil Defence
  • do not return home until the all clear has been given

To contact your Community Emergency Response Group:


For more information

Read the inside back cover of the Auckland Yellow pages
Phone 0800 22 22 00

Radio Station Frequencies

National Radio – 101.4 FM or 756 AM
Newstalk ZB – 89.4 FM
Classic Hits – 97.4 FM
More FM – 91.8 FM
Radio Live – 100.6 FM or 702 AM