This website is owned and maintained by the Mairangi Bay Business Association. It is a directory of local businesses in Mairangi Bay Village and a community resource for residents and visitors to find information about the area. 



The first shop here was a general store, built in 1906 by Mr Pond. Once the Harbour Bridge was built, the area began to develop and Mairangi Bay Village was the first Auckland area to open on Saturday mornings. As the number of businesses increased they recognised the need for some sort of business association. The Mairangi Bay Business Association was formed  in June 1977 and has operated successfully since.


BID Information

The Mairangi Bay Business Association (MBBA) is a not-for-profit organisation registered as an incorporated society under the Incorporated Societies Act.

 The MBBA is an Incorporated Society and established their Business Improvement District (BID) programme in 2008.

 MBBA is governed by an elected executive committee representing the Business Association registered members.

 The MBBA represents, supports, and helps approximately 100 business and commercial property owners, offering a collective voice and strong advocacy for the Mairangi Bay business community. The Association is here to represent, support and help local businesses.

 The MBBA operates under a constitution that sets out the rules and governance for the Association. Each year the Association elects the MBBA executive board who is responsible for the governance and direction of the MBBA and its BID programme. The MBBA BID programme is funded by a BID targeted rate grant.


View MBBA Constitution 2023

View Auckland Council BID Policy


BID Boundary

Our boundary is generally the business district of Mairangi Bay village: Montrose Terrace and Beach Road, Maxwellton Drive up to Woolworths, Hastings Road up to the end of Green Gable and in Penzance Road, the North End Mall.

View our BID Map Here:


About the Board

Mairangi Bay Business Association Board Meetings

The MBBA Board meets at 8:00am on the first Wednesday of every month to manage the Association and its actions. All members are welcome to attend Board meetings and can email the BID Manager on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register interest.


Board Members 2024

Mark Peddie  - Diamond Studio - Chair

Sarah Money  - Sarah’s Boutique - Deputy Chair

Grant Linton  - Captivate Interiors

Bruce Martin  - Montrose Bar & Restaurant

Maurice Buckley  - Shore Architecture

Robyn Coles  - Harcourts

Lisa Kerr  - Barfoot & Thompson

Barbara Cloonan  - Sole Sisters

Mokesh Nigade  - Taksim

BID Manager:
Sally Cargill - 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Tel 021 137 3385


A key role of the Association is the liaison and engagement with Auckland Council and other authorities to bring about improvements to the area and lobby for the interest of the businesses.


We provide a wide range of services for members including the promotion of Mairangi Bay as a hospitality, shopping & business area, hosting events to attract people to the precinct as well as regular member communication.


View 2024 Board Charter


Annual General Meeting

Each year the MBBA holds an Annual General Meeting where it reviews its actions from the previous year as well as sets new business plans and budgets for the upcoming year. All members are invited to attend this AGM, which is usually held at the Mairangi Arts Centre in Hastings Road.


View 2023 AGM Documentation Here


Strategic Business Plan

Each year the MBBA holds an Annual General Meeting where it reviews its actions from the previous year as well as sets new business plans and budgets for the upcoming year.


View MBBA Strategic Plan 2023/24 Here

View MBBA Business Plan 2024 Here

View Income and Expenditure (draft)  Here



Membership of the MBBA

You are automatically an eligible member (otherwise known as a BID affiliate) if your business is located in a commercially rated property or if you own a property within the Mairangi Bay BID boundary area.

Only businesses located within the BID area are eligible members or BID affiliates and will only have voting rights at the AGM if they have confirmed their membership. We encourage all eligible persons to register as a full member with the Association.

View BID Map Here


Applying for Membership

To gain full membership, you need to complete and return the Association’s membership registration form, and return this to: BID Manager: Sally Cargill This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Tel 021 137 3385.

Full Member Application Form


Associate Membership

The MBBA has an Associate Membership available for business that fall outside our BID map area with an annual membership fee.
Please get in touch with us to find out more about the benefits, or return return your application to: BID Manager: Sally Cargill This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Tel 021 137 3385.

Associate Membership Application Form


Voting Rights

All registered Full members are eligible to vote at the MBBA Annual General Meeting (AGM) or any Special General Meetings.

All Full and Associate members are eligible to be nominated and accepted as Board Members of the Association.


Mairangi Bay BID Programme

Business Improvement Districts (BID) programmes operate in over 50 areas within Auckland where local business and property owners have agreed to work together. BIDs in the Auckland region represent over 30,000 businesses and a Capital Value in excess of $72 billion (2022).

 Auckland Council (via their BID Policy 2022) supports Business Associations operating BID programmes by collecting the targeted rates and providing these funds, in their entirety, as a BID targeted rate grant to associations like the MBBA. Auckland Council applies the MBBA BID targeted rate which is collected from the ratepayer/property owner or indirectly by the business owner/tenant located within the MBBA BID boundary area.

 The MBBA BID targeted rate is calculated as a percentage on the capital value of the business rated properties located within the MBBA BID boundary area, to view a map visit:

 To see the targeted rate for your property visit this link:

 100% of the targeted rate collected by Auckland Council is returned to the Business Association in four quarterly grant payments.

 Auckland Council BID policy can be found at:

BID programmes provide a mechanism and a relationship between Mairangi Bay Business Association and Auckland Council. For more information on the Auckland Council BID programme and the BID Policy click here. – use the Auckland Council BID website link:

Benefits of Membership

  • Advocacy:

Advocating to Local Government; Council; CCO’s and National decision makers for improving the business environment is one of the most valuable services provided by a Business Association. Strong local advocacy and representation stops local issues being overlooked.

 We have developed strong relationships within the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board and present formal submissions and informal feedback to ensure our members’ views are considered in their decision-making process.

 Auckland Council utilise the Business Association (BID) as their point of contact to distribute policy information/changes, consultation documentation etc to make sure everyone is kept informed and given a chance to ‘have their say’.

 This means that businesses located outside BID boundaries are often unaware of impending policy changes.

 We are often the first to know and regularly lobby on behalf of local business and present professional submissions on Council or Transport proposals that could affect our area or your business.

 These submissions are distributed to all our members to read or use if making individual submissions.


Our WE LOVE MAIRANGI BAY brand and logo is visually strong, engaging, and unique. It communicates directly and is instantly recognisable.

 WE LOVE MAIRANGI BAY embraces all our business categories equally and enables each of them to shine within our brand story.

 Our website has an online directory for all our businesses which can be searched easily and quickly. We update this regularly and appreciate that having this is very beneficial for many small businesses with limited online presence.


  • Free Website Directory Listing:

Free directory listing on the MAIRANGI BAY website, within the appropriate category.


  • Events & Promotions:

The opportunity to participate in our annual events & promotions calendar.

 We organise several events throughout the year and attempt to highlight each of our main categories like hospitality, retail, art & culture, fashion etc.

 We are proud to host the Mairangi Bay Food & Wine Festival every February/March and will continue to explore options new events that directly resonate with our Brand, are inclusive and connect with our community.


  • Networking Opportunities:

Invitations to business meetings, seminars etc.


  • Newsletters & Updates:

We understand you are busy and try to keep our email communication relevant and informative.

 Our Updates provide details on upcoming events and how to get involved in our marketing campaigns, as well as on key information on Council Consultations and developments in the area to make sure our members are kept informed have the opportunity to provide feedback.


  • Social Media:

Ability to promote your business by sharing your content with us.

 Member promotions gain additional leverage via our social media channels and general media distribution.


Contact the MBBA Office

The Mairangi Bay Business Association is the first point of contact for new businesses in the area to connect and ask advice.

We welcome any ideas, suggestions, comments and feedback.

Please email BID Manager:
Sally Cargill This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Tel 021 137 3385