Nice as pie!

Mairangi Bakery 150

Mairangi Bay Bakery has earned an astounding seven awards in the recent Bakels New Zealand Supreme Pie Awards. They achieved two Gold awards, one for their Salmon, Scallops, Leeks & Crab Meat pie in the Seafood category, and the second for their Brandied Apple, Apricot & Sweet Grape pie. They won a Silver for their Steak, Vegetable & Gravy pie and two Bronze awards in the Mince & Gravy and Vegetarian categories. They also placed a creditable 5th and 6th place overall for their Chicken & Vegetable and their Gourmet Meat pies.

The Bakels Supreme Pie Awards are held annually and this year 505 bakeries took part in the competition with a total of 4,522 pies to be judged!

Vong Hean, with his wife Tina Yi (pictured preparing some of their award winning pies) and her brother Sopov Lim, have owned the bakery for the last seven years. This hard working team are at work 7 days a week, from an early hour when the rest of us are still tucked up in bed, until 5pm in the evening. They not only make superb, award winning pies, but offer a whole range of cakes, slices, bread, rolls and hot foods. They also make a range of speciality celebration cakes so come and visit them in their store next to Westpac Bank – there is even parking outside the door. Mairangi Bay Bakery, 366 Beach Road, Mairangi Bay, 09 479 1610.


GOLD – Gourmet Fruit category – Brandied apple, apricot and sweet grape
GOLD – Seafood category – Salmon, scallops, leeks and crab meat
SILVER – Steak, vegetables and gravy
BRONZE – Mince and gravy
BRONZE – Vegetarian category – Broccoli, bean, capsicum, pumpkin, potato, kumara, celery and courgette
5th Place – Chicken and vegetable
6th Place – Gourmet meat

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