Art on the Streets: bigger and better!

This will be the fourth year of our Art on the Streets Day and it has proved to be a very popular and interesting event.

It takes place right in Mairangi Bay Village with the artists spread out all along the pavements.

Next year’s Art on the Streets will be on 16th March 2013, with 23rd March as a rain day, not that we expect any this summer!

The day will start with the artists setting up at 9.30 and during the morning they will paint their hearts out. It is fascinating to see the paint going on the canvas and the artworks taking shape.

At 12.45 we will gather at the entrance to Green Gables and auction off the artworks (20% of the sale proceeds goes to a charity).

As well as the artists there will be musicians and entertainers, so lots to see and do.

If you are interested in taking part please email Carole McMinn at